Does your organic pad cost you more than a glass of wine?

Does your organic pad cost you more than a glass of wine?

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Anything labelled ‘organic’ in India fares for a price that most of us would rather dodge it and look for a cheaper alternative. This is an apologetic situation since it isn’t helping the customers who are on the look out for buying the right products that fits their ethics and their wallet.

In India a pack of organic, bio-degradable sanitary napkins costs more than a glass of wine. Consumers flock towards plastic based, bleached pads.

Organic isn’t a Luxury and organic shouldn’t mean expensive. Organically cultivated cotton free from pesticides and bleach so that it’s good for vaginal skin, free from plastics so that it helps the planet, dioxin and chemicals free so that it benefits your health, no matter what your need is expense shouldn’t be the prime factor in not choosing a mindful product.

That’s why we have crafted Reyo, we know how it is to have the indecision of choosing something that fits your budget vs something good, we understand and that’s why we were conscious in making our 100% organic sanitary pad affordable.

Choose what’s mindful, guilt-free. A spill proof period is possible without hurting your wallet or the planet. You don’t have to choose only one. You deserve a rash free, stain free period that wouldn’t suffocate the planet.

Because Reyo is one of India’s first cost effective sanitary napkin that makes use of purely organic materials.


Good for you, Good for the planet

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