I do bleed

I do bleed

Wonder Woman bleeds too..!

There was a time when period as a whole were considered  taboo. Women were not allowed to be in the presence of other family members let alone carry on with their every day chores.

The hushing up of all things period has lead to unhealthy practices of coping up with menstruation, which is also currently the reason that no one talks about how your average sanitary pad is not safe in the long run and certainly isn’t doing the planet any good. The important layers and wings are made up of plastic and the gel is petroleum based. The cotton used is cultivated in mass using pesticides.

The earth is suffocating by landfills of non bio-degradable pads and the numbers are only increasing. If you’re looking for ways to go eco-conscious a good start is changing your sanitary napkin to something that is organic.

You can now bleed and save the planet too..!  Something that is truly good for you is always good for the planet. Switch to a healthy alternative like Reyo pads which are 100% biodegradable and made of organic cotton with no pesticides or bleach.

Because ignoring the planet’s need is also ignoring yours. Studies have shown that long term use of bleached cotton pads that still contain pesticides cause obvious health hazards, of course this is always brushed under the carpet for reasons we’ve already seen.

The banning of plastic in India cannot come to full fruition when a product of necessity and used by millions of women majorly contains plastic. The intention of a plastic-free India also begins with the consumer as products like sanitary pads evade the radar of quality control and hence the discretion falls with the buyer.

Mindfulness in consumerism is never a bad thing. Make a change one pad at a time, it begins with you. Switch to Reyo. Good for you, Good for the planet.

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