Panty Liners – Importance and Benefits

Panty Liners – Importance and Benefits

What is a Panty Liner?

Panty Liners are similar to a pad or sanitary napkin, but a little lighter, thinner and not used to soak up too much of your menstruation or period blood. It can be used to absorb daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, or even a light period flow. Never use just a panty liner on a heavy day.

Reyocare - Panty Liners
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What are panty liners for?

  • The real purpose of panty liners is to absorb everyday vaginal discharge, an unexpected light period flow, flow during the days when your periods are actually over but you still have little spotting and staining and post-intercourse discharge.
  • sanitary napkins and mono-cups are awesome, but on several occasions, there is a risk of leaking.
  • Panty liners serve as a reassurance, offering protection during a spontaneous discharge or unanticipated periods.
  • Liners are beneficial and handy since you do not feel them and notice them as much as sanitary pads and can feel more flexible and comfortable.
  • Vaginal discharge is the yellowish-white and sticky stuff that can be sometimes spotted in your undies.
  • It is hard to wash off as after drying, it leaves stains and that is why wearing a panty liner is very helpful. 
  • It is also good to carry a pack of panty liners if you are passing through puberty (development of the chest, growth spurt, hair and mood swings, etc.) as spotting and unanticipated periods can be frequent.

The Benefits of Panty Liners

The benefits of panty liners are:

  • Panty liners provide everyday protection from urine leakage, vaginal discharge, or an unexpected period. 
  • It possess breathable liners that keep the moisture away.
  • It is also helpful for those very last days of your menstrual period when the discharge has essentially stopped but there is still some spotting that is either brown or pink.
  • It does the trick when the flow is not heavy enough to use a tampon or a pad.
  • A panty liner keeps you and your panties clean
  • Panty liners are helpful in managing adult incontinence. Older people are prone to mild or moderate leakage. However, a strong product may be required.
  • Moms of new infants might use daily liners for managing light postpartum flow which they experience for a few weeks or sometimes months after childbirth.

USP of Reyocare Panty Liner:

100% Plastic Free, Eco Friendly Panty Liner

Ultra soft cottony layer: Your delicate skin is cushioned by the ultrafine, Non-allergic cotton, Surface layer giving you maximum comfort because of its super absorbent properties. Fluid passes into the fourth layer leaving you dry and comfortable.

Main components of REYO:


Anions are also named as Negative Ions and also as “Vitamins of Air”. It is believed to be used naturally to enhance immunity and anti bacterial capability, Relieves tension, Reduces irritation, removes unpleasant odors, eliminates the effect of fatigue, Improves endocrine function and enhances metabolism. Active oxygen flow is vital to reducing odor from bacterial growth with the built in breathable strips; more oxygen will be able to circulate allowing the longer lasting feeling of freshness. It enhances the breathability of sanitary napkins and cellulites the circulation between private parts and outside air. 

2. FAR-IR:

FAR-IR is known as the Light wave of life because it resonates with cells in living beings. The anion strip absorbs heat and converts into FAR-IR. Far-infrared can stimulate local blood circulation and micro-circulation, prevent gynecological diseases and relieve dysmenorrheal (menstrual pain) by raising the temperature. 


Magnetism can stimulates the human body’s magnetic field so as to speed up the discharge of toxins during menstrual period with anti inflammatory and analgesic functions. Magnetic, eliminates odor and relieve menstrual discomforts. The use of magnetic in REYO Anion sanitary napkins helps to relieve menstrual discomfort, anti-tumor, prevent toilet infection, prevent cervical cancer in women and prevent odor. Thus, providing women’s with greater convenience, comfort and care.


Silver has been used for the treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The Nano silver particles typically measure 25nm. They have extremely large relatively surface area, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi, and vastly improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness.

The Nano silver when in contact with bacteria and fungus will adversely affect cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth. The Nano silver suppresses respiration, basal metabolism of electron transfer system, and transport of substrate in the microbial cell membrane. The Nano silver inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores.

Nano Silver can be applied to range of other healthcare products such as dressings for burns, scald, skin donor and recipient sites; acne and cavity wounds; and female hygiene products – panty liners, sanitary towels and pants.


Chitin is a derivative of Glucose. In terms of medical function, it may be compared to the protein keratin. Chitin has proved useful for several medicinal, industrial and biotechnological purposes.

Among various health benefits of Chitin, It is used in sanitary napkins for its Anti fungal and Antiseptic properties.

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