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  • Mini pack (Panty linear)


    Mini 155mm (Panty Linear)

    REYO is the Premium quality product made with mothers care. It overcomes all the disadvantages of Poor quality napkins available in the market. It is made with Premium quality products and more advanced technologies. The REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin is the new revolutionary product for women. It kills 99.9% bacteria through the built-in Anion strip. It also has much greater absorbent power than any other leading brands. Our company has introduced a sanitary napkin that not only meets the hygienic demands of women, but also provides additional benefits.


  • Mini pack (L)


    Mini 240mm (L)

    This is the Minimum size of sanitary napkins used for menstrual flow. This can be suitable for normal flow days. As it contains Anion chip and other functions which helps to keep you Safe and fresh throughout the day. It is made with Natural absorbent gel and advanced fluid lock technology, which allows you keep you leakage less throughout the day.

  • Mini pack (XXL)


    Mini 330mm (XXL)

    This is the most secure size for stout women, abnormal flow, overnight flow and for post pregnancy. It has wider background which keeps you more secure and hygienic. As it made with natural absorbent gel with advanced fluid technology, it absorbs up to 200ml. It is 100% leakage proof.

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