We all have grieved a shirt or two while pulling it over a full face of fresh makeup and lipstick. Lipstick stains are a work enough but having to scrub off stains when you’re already cramping is not a pleasant task for any of us . Yes period stains …!

Lingerie, sheets, your favourite jeans and dresses, there is no discrimination here. Period stains are impartial, Removing stubborn stains that were not  immediately washed is not a piece of cake. The internet can help you with tips and tricks, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What causes stains to leak? even when you were fully prepared. Most women use sanitary napkins and mostly the one with wings. That should avoid the staining right? No!  Sanitary napkins tend the twist and turn while you take a stroll, they move around every time you use the loo and the wings which are made of polythene tends to swirl making you more vulnerable to stains and unnecessary fuss.

The weight they hold also comes into play, most napkins can hold half a day’s flow, though that’s not recommended. But it’s not how much they hold it’s about how well they retain… sanitary napkins aren’t magic, when you go on about your day walking, climbing stairs, chasing deadlines it’s gonna be just like wrinkling a wet towel…

You can change your pads often than before and try not to move around much on your bleeding days, but we don’t recommend that, we want women around the country to be positive and have the best of their life even on those 5 days and we don’t fancy washing period stains when you have a ton of other errands to run… so we present you Reyo, a anion based organic sanitary napkin that doesn’t just hold blood flow but also retains it without ever giving you a ‘my pad is full’ feeling.

Reyo stays in place and the place is not beneath regular pads that you can’t count on during your heavy flow days. Reyo moves when you make the move  but never twirls and turns making even the ludicrous staining away from any of your favourite pair of outfit.

Reyo. Good for you. Good for the planet.

Also good for your favourite piece of lingerie

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